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October 27 2017






just an fyi if you start randomly hearing sounds like a chain saw, beating heart or screams, its your chat function because tumblr randomly changed the sounds without any warning. 



you can turn it off by opening any chat window, clicking the three dots, and clicking “Make the spooky sounds stop.” This should restore the normal notification sounds.

It will then look like this:


@jakkubrat @silver-spider-art

i haven’t gotten this yet but it seems. ill advised. yo staff why you always fucking the fuck up????

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roses are red, tomatoes are sweet, HE BOOTS TOO BIG FOR HE GOT DAMN FEET

That’s an EarthBound enemy right there.

Oh my

Tomato Man! D:

Reposted byhashPugsyLover


This is my cat, Ziggy, she loves her window seat:

She enjoys sitting there all day and watching the goings-on, in this manner she’s like a spy/nosy gossiper. She chirps away at lizards and birds even when they can’t hear her. She has a hard opinion on our neighbor’s dog, swishing her tail in an irate manner every time they walk past her window.

Now that it’s Halloween, the neighborhood is decorated and I figured our house should join the festivities. I have a feeling, however, this particular pumpkin needs to be moved:

Ziggy has resorted to window watching from the bed and can only stand for short periods of time. I feel very terrible for inconveniencing her:




sometimes i’m like “why am i still here” but then i realize that i’m often the only person who is around to take bad-to-eat stuff out of my dog’s mouth and i think there’s this sort of western idea of “if youre not CEO youre nothing special” but my dog is still alive bc of me and i’m still alive bc of other people so maybe i’m just here to pet cats and wear sweaters and help people take the glass out of their mouth. you know? maybe i won’t be CEO but maybe i’ll be able to help somebody afford their trip home. and i think that’s pretty okay, you know?

i needed to hear this today i think

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uh oh [x]

it’s time






adslkjfslkjfd’d too hard not to reblog.

The Mask in The Mask is Norse. This is Aztec. I’d be more worried about vampires…




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(Havre de Grace, Maryland) I think the last item is called a “memory log”? It had a ton of old coins nailed to it. Other highlights include Surprised Girl, Shitty Shell Wreath, Blessed Elephant Cookie Jar, and Pompous Dog.



Please don’t assume that because someone romantically ships a pairing that they dislike or disrespect the platonic aspects of that pairing. It is, shockingly enough, possible to enjoy both romance and friendship between two characters. This isn’t a never the twain shall meet sort of situation.



vampire lit author: i know what’ll be really shocking…like SUPER off the wall…… .the LEADER of the vampires is young teenage GIRL and she wears MODERN TEEN FASHION everyone is gonna LOSE THEIR MINDS

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In Norway, people use the word ‘texas’ as slang for ‘crazy.’ It doesn’t refer to a person, but rather a chaotic atmosphere or state of mind- so saying a party ‘was totally crazy!’ in Norwegian would be ‘det var helt texas!,’ which literally means ‘it was totally texas!’ Source Source 2 Source 3

In-depth Tumblr explanation

Screenshot of Norwegian article about crazy traffic:

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🇨 🇭 🇺 🇧 🇧 🇾 🇵 🇮 🇰 🇦 🇨 🇭 🇺

they finally brought back fat pikachu

October 26 2017


you know those buttons on apps that are three horizontal lines?


hamburger button




Fishblr please help

I am so tired of the “fish are products” mentality that corporate pet stores have. Employees cannot refuse to sell fish, even if someone wants to put a goddamn koi in a bowl.

I just had a customer get pissed at me because I told him that keeping two goldfish in a ten is akin to keeping a dog in a closet, and it’s literally animal abuse and they’ll spend maybe two years in massive amounts of pain. He got pissed, made the manager do it, and got mad when I said we can’t replace the fish if it dies.

Literally RIGHT AFTER HIM is a lady with a ten gallon, a pleco, and four goldfish, getting a fifth goldfish. “But it’s okay because they’re babies.”

They didn’t care. I told them that all of our fish have minimum space requirements and that goldfish (per policy) need 30. They went and got the manager and made him do it when I told them all it’s animal abuse.

Fish are living, breathing, feeling creatures. They can feel pain, loneliness, hunger, cold. If someone told me they wanted me to sell them a canary for a mason jar, a chameleon for a critter keeper, a rabbit for a cat carrier, I could refuse every single one. Because a mason jar, a critter keeper, a cat carrier are not proper habitats for those animals, and they will spend their lives in abusive conditions. If you go to a shelter and try to adopt a dog because “I want him to live in his crate and make the room look pretty,” people would riot.

Please. Please help me stop committing disgusting abuse at my store. Help other employees stop committing abuse at their stores. Customers do not listen to us. If you overhear an interaction like the ones I had today, step in and tell that person the truth. That what they’re doing is animal abuse. Back up everything the employee says, if the employee knows their shit or educate them if they are clueless. You’re right, many pet store employees know jack shit about animals. But some of us care, some of us spend hours outside of work researching animals to give customers the best information possible, some of us are passionate about those often neglected and abused pets (hamsters, fish, any reptile) and risk being fired if we don’t do what the customer wants. Sell this fish into an environment that will 100% murder it or you’re fired. How fucked up is that?

Please. Call your local pet stores. The lfs mom and pop shop, Pet’s Plus, Fins Feathers. PLEASE call your PetSmarts and your Petcos and ask to speak to a manager. Tell them that their store policy dictates that fish are allowed to be sold into abusive conditions and employees have no way to stop it. PLEASE call the actual corporate numbers and file a complaint. File so many complaints. Please. I love my job and I love animals and most customers are normal human beings who care about animals but every so often I get people like this and it crushes me.

One of my managers has gone to battle against corporate four times for the right to refuse fish to improper homes. He has lost four times. He is only one person and he works for the company. Maybe if the CUSTOMERS, the source of our money, start complaining, corporate will take things seriously. Maybe then we’ll stop having to sell shitty 0.8 gallon tanks for goldfish and giving fucking plecos to 5g tanks. Maybe if this changes, we can get fish bowls banned. Maybe if this changes, we can work on improper care for other animals.

Please help.

This is one of the best things that I have ever read.



scooby doo and the rise of the eldrazi

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Inktober 25: Jackalope
Used a brush pen and a graphic pen for this one. #inktober #inktober2017 #drawing #jackalope #traditionalart #instaart #artistoninstagram #inkdrawing #art #jadisart #jackiedistel #animal #illustration



Can people just enjoy movies because they personally enjoy them? Like fuck off with your negativity.


gentle reminder


making a bad decision does not make you a bad person - we all make mistakes, so forgive yourself, apologise if you need to, and keep trying; you can do it, I believe in you



Anti Semitism will never make any sense to me

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Maggie Menu

On the menu for Maggie tonight is puréed sweet potato, puréed brown rice, sprouted organic tofu, chia seeds, and digestive enzymes. Does she look excited? She is!

This dog does not look excited, this dog looks malnourished.

The diet you are feeding your dog places a huge burden entirely on the pancreas, forcing it to produce large amounts of amylase to deal with the starch, cellulose, and carbohydrates in plant matter. (yes, even with your supplements) The carnivore’s pancreas does not secrete cellulase to split the cellulose into glucose molecules, nor have dogs become efficient at digesting and assimilating and utilizing plant material as a source of high quality protein.

When this stuff sits in the pet’s intestine (yes even with your supplemented enzymes) it not only irritates the lining of the bowels but also provides the perfect warm, wet environment with plenty of undigested sugars and starches as food for bacteria.

I respect your choice in leading a vegan lifestyle, but please do not force this on your pet who does not recognize the difference, your dog absolutely needs a healthier diet or it is going to develop health issues and I guarantee you, will not live as long as it could otherwise.

side reminder that some dogs can have vegan meat and be completely nourished and content, loving and excited over their meals. See: Onision’s two dogs, Dobs and Leelu. Actually, his name is Greg. He, his wife Lainey, and their two dogs are all vegetarian, and both Dobs and Leelu thrive. They look very well nourished, are energetic, very loving towards both Greg and Lainey, and they are fed vegetarian foods. Do dogs and cats eat meat? Absolutely. With the right nourishments, can they live, thrive, and live a happy and healthy life without it? You bet your sweet ass they canStop bagging on this person for feeding this to their dog. I may advise offering meaty treats to your pet, perhaps chop some chicken or throw in some cooked red meat, but your dog seems very okay to me. The meat would be an added bonus that may please your pooch and also provide additional protein and minerals. He/She seems healthy to me, and also seems interested in the food you’re about to feed them. Do not let these people tell you that you’re abusing your dog. If you choose to continue their diet in this way, I would definitely look more into different kinds of treats that would help with the digestion more, though I don’t know too much in that area. Best of luck to both you and your puppy dog!

Hi hello you seem new to veterinary science and animal welfare in general so let me educate you on some topics that you are completely wrong about

1) “side reminder that some dogs can have vegan meat and be completely nourished and content, loving and excited over their meals.”

This is an assumption. The assumption that dogs are omnivores remains to be proven, whereas the truth about dogs being natural carnivores is very well-supported by the evidence available to us and is understood by many science welfare groups, universities, and doctors of veterinary science.

Dogs and wolves share 99.8% of their mitochondrial DNA, those who insist dogs did not descend from wolves must disprove the litany of scientific evidence that concludes wolves are the ancestors of dogs. And guess what? The wolf is a carnivore. Since a dog’s internal physiology does not differ from a wolf, dogs have the same physiological and nutritional needs as those carnivorous predators.

By stating otherwise you are ignoring and disregarding the work of contributing doctors, educators, and researchers who have compiled over 300 years of research and observations of the wild canine.

2) Do dogs and cats eat meat? Absolutely. With the right nourishments, can they live, thrive, and live a happy and healthy life without it?

No. But congratulations, you got one thing right, dogs and cats eat meat. Can they live a happy and healthy life without it? No they cannot. Cats and dogs health is largely dependent on the body’s ability to digest and make use of the food that is a part of their natural diet that is supplemented from meats. By creating a lack of naturally produced (meat, not supplements) protein in the body of the animal, you are putting your animals at risk for something called protein-losing enteropathy. Although this condition can affect any breed or age of dog, some dog breeds are more likely than others. That being said, feeding your dog and cat an all vegan or vegetarian diet and expecting them to thrive on it is a gamble at best.

There is an entire array of problems that can arise from a lack of natural protein. 

  • Occasional bouts of diarrhea
  • Chronic diarrhea
  • Weight loss
  • Lack of energy (lethargy)
  • Difficulty breathing (dyspnea)
  • Enlarged abdomen
  • Legs and feet may be puffy or swollen (edema)
  • Cancer in the intestines
  • Infection in the intestines
    • Bacteria such as salmonella(from rotting plant material)
    • Fungal infection
    • Intestinal parasites like hookworms and whipworms
  • Inflammation of the intestines (inflammatory bowel disease)
  • Food Allergies
  • Stomach or intestinal ulcers
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Problems with the movement of lymphatic fluid out of the intestines (lymphangiectasia)

3) “He/She seems healthy to me, and also seems interested in the food you’re about to feed them.”

Hey, wrong again. This dogs nose is dried out, it is almost a pale white pink, this is an indication of dehydration or something more serious. The eyes are not clear and bright as they should be, they are red and puffy around the edges, the lining of the eyelids should be pink rather than red. This dog also has a blank stare on its face, and the nose is not pointing at the food, this means the dog is uninterested and is a sign of lethargy. This dog is begging for this meal to be something nutritious. I work at a highly respected veterinary hospital and I see this more often than you would think, I know how to tell when a dog looks malnourished, and so would you if you worked and studied every day in the field of veterinary medicine.

Next time I hope you will take the initiative to educate yourself on these and other important topics on the care for your animal, before you preach something you have no idea about.

Not to mention with cats specifically, they NEED a protein called taurine. Taurine is found in fish, meat and human breast milk. Without enough taurine your cat will fucking go blind. They can’t even eat dog food without going blind because it doesn’t have a high enough taurine content. Cat’s (neutered) need around 25% of their diet to consist of protein to be healthy and that protein MUST BE chicken, fish, or beef or they will go blind and eventually die from malnutrition. Cats also must have plenty of fat in their diet because they can’t produce their own. Bottom line if your feeding your cat (or dog but that was discussed more above) a vegan diet, you’re murdering your animal and causing it to suffer immensely in the process. 

How could the OP even bullshit themselves into thinking their dog looks even remotely excited? Pretty sure that’s a Lab, and I’ve had two at my house for the past 12 years. They look absolutely nothing like that when it’s their dinnertime. They’re full of energy, with wagging tails and bouncing impatience and eagerly dig into their bowls.

That is the most apathetic look about a meal I have ever seen a dog have.

I’m glad to see this post back on my dash because it means people are still spreading this around. And this is super important information.

Dogs and cats cannot be vegan or vegetarian. If you want a pet that can, get a fucking gerbil.

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