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Raichilutions part 3 - still artblockd ><

Pinkchu, lucky rodent pokemon. Electric/Normal
They tend to act childish, but are proved to be incredibly good in tactical planning. 
This is the only known specie of pokemon that has no alternative colouration.I made those way before Fairy type got announced, so, while they look fairyesque, they are not.I made another guy for that type.And yes, weird blotchy yellow is supposed to be gold.And its tummy and whiteness on face is supposed to blend into pink nicely, but guess who is too lazy to do it by hand.
Mandrachu, sunlight eater pokemon. Electric/Grass
Its wailing cry makes all the living creatures around it panic. They are not poisonous, but smelling their flowers for a long time turns eyes yellow and causes headaches.
At first, its art had freaky-looking open maw,but that looked weird.Their tail is reduced to a nub, with it tip becoming pair of flowers and some LONG roots.They spend time laying on the ground, gathering sunlight and converting it into electricity, and stepping onto them makes them scream. Shinies are red-flowered.
Winterchu, snow coat pokemon. Elecrtic/Ice
Their huge paws leave traces that probably inspired bigfoot rumors. They shed and devour their fur twice a month, almost immediately growing new one, and can sirvive on nothing but ice.
Just...ignore the "dex entry".Shinies are a bit darker in blue areas and white-eyed.
Just realised that first two are almost in the same pose.Woe is me ><

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