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People who ‘love nature’ but violently hate their native coyotes, spiders, snakes, and scavengers are fake.

Here’s the thing about the post. You don’t have to love or even like every animal. You can dislike things! Humane, intelligent pest control is fine and necessary.  This isn’t the issue and never has been.

It’s violent, blind hatred and hypocrisy that’s the problem. People who gush over foxes and owls and hawks but want coyotes and snakes dead in the next breath. People who will rescue prey from predators because predation is mean. People who find it appropriate to leave sadistic comments on pictures of spiders or snakes someone is appreciating or owns. People who insist on labeling species as ‘good’ or ‘evil’.  This is the sort of behavior that bothers me.

People who only appreciate nature when it’s aesthetically pleasing to them and want to destroy the parts they find ugly and unpleasant don’t truly understand or love it. They love an ideal that isn’t actually representative of reality.

Ok, but what good are wasps? I’m really curious.

Wasps are one of the single most important insect predators. They control not only other insects but also spiders, as well as acting as pollinators for certain plants (such as fig trees, which famously cannot fruit without a wasp inside them) there are hundreds of different types of wasp, the vast majority of them harmless to or fearful of humans.

Mosquitoes, on the other hand, serve literally no purpose and could vanish with little ecological impact.

Ugh SO MANY people have added this same claim to this post.

People WANT it to be true, so it makes for great clickbaity sensationalism, but there really aren’t any scientifically sound findings that mosquitoes are “ useless,” only one bad claim that went viral back in 2010.

For one thing, they too are pollinators of many crepuscular and nocturnal flowers. For another, they make up a bulk of the diet of countless other species and NO other insect can produce so, so many individuals from such meager, even polluted conditions.

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