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Just so you all know..

This blog is 100% anti PETA.

We love our vegetarian and vegan friends and family (and I have a lot of them!!). We don’t support an organization that claimes to love animals and does nothing but hurt them and the people who love them.

Hugs and support to my extended dog show family at Crufts.

Not saying that youre wrong because peta is on some sketchy shit but what did they do to hurt animals?? Again not saying that ur wrong I just don’t know

PETA’s Shelter Euthanized 72% Of Its Animals Last Year.

PETA kills “rescued” lobsters by putting them in fresh water

PETA Joins Forces with Group Working to Kill All “Pit Bulls” Nationwide

PETA thinks that keeping pets is cruelty and slavery

PETA’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad History of Killing Animals 

More why PETA is horrible

We also do NOT support vegans that force their carnivorous pets to live on a vegan diet. Hypocrisy is somthing I HATE and if you really cared that much about animals you would do the research needed to feed your pets a species appropriate diet.

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